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Remember Grandparents Day

People celebrate mothers in May and fathers in June but few people celebrate Grandparents Day. It’s time to prepare something special. A meal together or a phone call to say thanks or appreciate you because.  Grandparents are powerful influences in a child’s...

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Smile on Grandparents’ Day (and Every Day)

I believe God smiles on grandparents, particularly this Sunday as we celebrate Grandparents’ Day. Why do I believe this? There are many reasons, including one of the Psalms which describes the blessing of simply living to “see your children’s children.” That isn’t the case for far too many grandparents—who either don’t live long enough to see their grandchildren or, in difficult situations, are unable to see them. Still, I think God is smiling on them as well, even though their hopes and desires haven’t been fulfilled. The power of a smile was deeply pressed into my own heart and...

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Facts About Grandparents’ Day

We celebrate Grandparents’ Day each September on the first Sunday after Labor Day, usually the second Sunday of the month.  The origins of this national U.S. holiday start in 1969 with an unsuccessful attempt by a 9-year-old boy who wrote a letter to President Nixon. From there, most of the credit goes to Marian McQuade, from West Virginia, who was a champion for the value of grandparents and older adults, and who had plenty of experience as a grandmother. When she passed away in 2008, she had 15 children, 43 grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.  Back in...

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3 Things for Grandparents to Celebrate on Valentine’s Day

As a grandparent, you have a special bond with your grandchild that’s unique in significant ways. And Valentine’s Day provides a fantastic opportunity to celebrate it—although we shouldn’t limit ourselves to that day. How can we describe this relationship? Here are just a few thoughts: First, there’s a lot of joy. You feel it in the robust burst of life that surges in your body when you see or touch your grandchild or hear his or her voice. Sometimes even thinking about him or her can bring it on. Being a connected grandparent is life-enhancing. This isn’t to say...

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