Author: Steve Stiffler

10 Characteristics I Didn’t Appreciate Enough About My Grandmother . . . Until I Was a Grandparent Myself

I’ve written about my grandmother many times, but it occurred to me that there were some things I didn’t (and couldn’t) fully appreciate about her until I was a grandmother myself. As I get older, I realize that a lot of her best qualities were things I couldn’t appreciate when I was younger because I just wasn’t wise enough. With age does come wisdom, and although I always knew she was a wonderful grandmother, now I see that she was truly a unique individual with very admirable qualities that anyone would do well to emulate. This is also something...

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Remember Grandparents Day

People celebrate mothers in May and fathers in June but few people celebrate Grandparents Day. It’s time to prepare something special. A meal together or a phone call to say thanks or appreciate you because.  Grandparents are powerful influences in a child’s...

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Cures for Summer Boredom

Don’t ever let your grandkids get away with saying, “I’m bored” this summer. So, when you know you’ll be with them, start preparing some fun, stimulating, activities before the whining...

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