Author: Brock Griffin

The Importance of Toddler Talk

If you want your toddler to learn to talk, then you better start talking … and listening … and encouraging. Some child development experts believe that the more verbal interaction a child has during his toddler years, the better his chances are for being advanced later in life in terms of intellect, language skills, and social development. And I tend to agree. Communicating with a toddler can be a challenge-sometimes a guessing game, sometimes a frustration, sometimes a laugh riot. But here are some ideas for making the most of those critical early years. First, talk to your children or...

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Great-Grandparents Still Have Important Work to Do

Some grandparents take their role above and beyond what is typically expected of them. They see a need and spring into action, putting their own dreams and desires on hold for the sake of others who need them. Gerry and Carole are grandparents—actually, great-grandparents—like that. When we spoke with Gerry, he shared his life story: He grew up in Texas, the second of four children raised by his mother after his father died when Gerry was only ten. He eventually spent 20 years as a carrier aviator pilot in the Navy. Today, at age 76, he and Carole are...

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Grandparents: The Power to Change Lives

Beth was a teenager trying to grow up the best she could. She was the only child in a single-parent family where she lived with her mom. Her mother was doing all she could to hold the family together and make it through life. Since her mom worked three jobs, she was never home. Beth would get herself up, eat breakfast, and go to school. In the evening she would return home, do her homework, fix dinner and stay up to see her mom just a little bit before going to bed. Basically she was raising herself. Her best...

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Top 10 Tips for Long-Distance Grandparenting

Long-distance grandparents can, and do, feature prominently in the lives of their grandchildren. Of course, maintaining or building a close family relationship when you’re miles away from each other can be a challenge, but then again, family relationships in general are not always a piece of cake! While nothing beats being in the same physical space as your loved ones, there are plenty of creative ways to bridge that gap. As one grandparent says: “It’s hard, but in these days of instant communication and quick travel, not as hard as it once was.” So, in lieu of a working...

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Everyday Heroes: Doris Schick

Doris E. Schick    “Grandma” to 14 Connecticut and Florida Homemaker How has becoming a grandparent changed you? I’ve become much more tolerant and understanding. (Is that part of my aging process?) What word, phrase or experience captures your heart for your grandchildren? A phone call beginning, “Hi, Grandma, it’s _______” is my favorite. What 1 or 2 tips have you found most helpful in stoking your passion and being an effective grandparent? Being available to just talk to them or watching them participate in their favorite activities has been so rewarding to us and to them. Most are grown...

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