Author: Brock Griffin

Grandparents: The Power to Change Lives

Beth was a teenager trying to grow up the best she could. She was the only child in a single-parent family where she lived with her mom. Her mother was doing all she could to hold the family together and make it through life. Since her mom worked three jobs, she was never home. Beth would get herself up, eat breakfast, and go to school. In the evening she would return home, do her homework, fix dinner and stay up to see her mom just a little bit before going to bed. Basically she was raising herself. Her best...

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Top 10 Tips for Long-Distance Grandparenting

Long-distance grandparents can, and do, feature prominently in the lives of their grandchildren. Of course, maintaining or building a close family relationship when you’re miles away from each other can be a challenge, but then again, family relationships in general are not always a piece of cake! While nothing beats being in the same physical space as your loved ones, there are plenty of creative ways to bridge that gap. As one grandparent says: “It’s hard, but in these days of instant communication and quick travel, not as hard as it once was.” So, in lieu of a working...

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Everyday Heroes: Doris Schick

Doris E. Schick    “Grandma” to 14 Connecticut and Florida Homemaker How has becoming a grandparent changed you? I’ve become much more tolerant and understanding. (Is that part of my aging process?) What word, phrase or experience captures your heart for your grandchildren? A phone call beginning, “Hi, Grandma, it’s _______” is my favorite. What 1 or 2 tips have you found most helpful in stoking your passion and being an effective grandparent? Being available to just talk to them or watching them participate in their favorite activities has been so rewarding to us and to them. Most are grown...

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Pursuing Healthy Relationships with Grandchildren

I remember running across my uncle’s farmyard one day when I was five years old. Minutes earlier my family had arrived at his house. The sun was bright. It was probably hot, too, being in the heart of South Carolina. I don’t remember the heat, though; I only recall the bright sunshine of the day. Crops stood on both sides of the beaten-down, earthy path that ran from my uncle’s house to my granddaddy’s house. The crops were probably cotton, but I paid no attention to them. I was focused on the “big house” ahead—and on my granddaddy. He...

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When Grandchildren Have Disabilities

Our grandchild Hezekiah was about four or five years old when, during the course of our conversation, he looked me in the eye and sincerely asked, “Opa, how old will I have to be before I can walk like the other kids?” The question stabbed me like a knife, but I did not flinch on the outside. Since Hezekiah was born with spina bifida, he is paraplegic. He is now eleven years old and, of course, uses his wheelchair most of the time. We have eleven grandchildren, and during family gatherings he is an active participant in the grandkid...

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