Author: Brock Griffin

How Are You Spending Your Inheritance?

You’ve probably seen the bumper stickers on the back of a large RV truckin’ down the highway. It reads, “I’m spending my kids’ inheritance.” You may smile when you see it, but it’s really nothing to smile about. Translated, the message being sent is: “I’m living for myself and nobody else, including my kids and grandkids.” I get increasingly impatient with adults of my generation and beyond who choose to spend their lives and assets on themselves while investing almost nothing in the lives of the next generations. Don’t get me wrong. I am all for some much deserved...

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6 Powerful Ways to Be a Grandparent Who Matters

I hear comments like these about grandparents more often than I would like: “I’d like to have a special relationship with my grandparents, but they’re so critical. I just don’t want to be around them.” “My parents are constantly undermining my parenting and relationship with our kids. Why can’t they support us?” “I really want my children to know my parents. They’ve done such a great job parenting themselves. But they are completely disconnected from their grandchildren, and that grieves me a lot.” I want to be fair and say that I also hear plenty of amazing stories about...

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The Changing Face of Grandparenting

Greg rises at 5:30 each morning to head for an intense 45-minute workout at the gym. After his workout, he makes a dinner reservation for his anniversary on his iPhone, sends a text to his wife to let her know what time he will be picking her up, responds to several other texts, checks in with his secretary, scrolls through Facebook and Twitter posts, and downloads the latest Wall Street Journal. Before heading to the office, Greg stops at Starbuck for his regular Caramel Macchiato. Greg is also a grandfather of four. Between Gen Xers and baby boomers, grandparents...

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Quick Thoughts for Grands: Passing on Memories

Grandparents, what are your most vivid memories from childhood? Did you welcome your father back from World War II? Or Korea? When did you get your first television? Do you remember the JFK assassination? Did you play with the first yo-yos, hula hoops, or Barbies? Were you a fan of Elvis or the Beatles? Do you have memories involving your faith, or a hobby? Maybe you spent summer afternoons fishing a certain place on the creek near your house. Or your grandmother taught you how to cook a dish from a family recipe. Is there an interesting story from...

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Quick Thoughts for Grands: Driving your Family Away?

How many of you are seeing less and less of your children and grandchildren? And, when you do get together, the air is filled with tension and terse words. It may feel natural to start pointing fingers, and many grandparents do. But it only leads to more tension. And with their busy lives as a distraction, it’s easy for your adult children to simply cut off contact except for maybe birthdays and the required holiday visits. It’s very sad, but sometimes we have to admit that relationships are just difficult, things happen for reasons we can’t control or explain,...

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