Author: Brock Griffin

Working With Your Grandkids’ Schedules

Grandparents, do you wince when you hear about your grandkids’ jam-packed schedules? Do you ever worry that they are way overcommitted? They very well may be. But instead of shaking your head in disdain or starting an argument with their parents, I recommend you ask for copies of their schedules! Every school team and club generates online schedules of games, performances, tournaments, meets, and recitals. Just have your children forward you these e-mails as they come in. If you live nearby, you can plug those events into your calendar, and then go and show your faithful support. And even...

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Linking Generations: How to Activate Your Grandfather Power

by Leland A. Griffin I returned home after another long day anticipating a good meal and then a few hours of R & R in front of the TV. But when I opened the door, evidence to the contrary was obvious: a pink coat, a small, glittery shoe, and then a shriek of delight as my granddaughter sped to greet me. Suddenly I was rejuvenated. After a lively dinner, we set off on one of our adventures. We watched ants, talked to cats, played in the park and watched the sunset spray the Colorado mountains orange and rose. As...

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Celebrate the Joy of Grandparenting

Being a grandparent is just that—grand. If you’re a grandparent yourself, you probably know exactly what I mean. I believe this is a role to be celebrated every chance we get. I can remember what happened just a few days after our first grandchild was born. My son and his wife were visiting us with their new baby girl. It was my first exposure to the “happy chaos” that comes when such a small little creature was added to the family mix. The baby’s schedule pretty much ruled our entire household. One morning we were all getting ready to...

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Exercising Self-Control with Adolescent Grandchildren

Even grandparents who do a great job through the first dozen years can hit a snag when it comes to dealing with teenagers. I have a friend named Martin who knows what makes an effective grandparent. I’ve watched him go through the early stages of grandparenting with good success. But when his grandchildren arrived at adolescence, he “hit the wall.” Martin’s grandson Daniel had always been a fairly compliant boy, but in high school, he got into drugs and sexual activity, and he was pretty open about his exploits, especially among his peers-after all, he wanted to be accepted...

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The Days of Small Beginnings for Grandparents

All the great men and women of the world have one thing in common-they were all once in first grade. There’s nothing more gratifying than watching a future Olympic gold medal swimmer make his first attempt at dog-paddling, seeing a future Rhodes scholar off for her first day of kindergarten, or observing a future business leader make his first buck at a lemonade stand. Every new activity is a landmark event-new territory to be conquered. Those early school age years are the days of small beginnings. It kind of makes you jealous, doesn’t it? Don’t you wish you could...

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