Author: Brock Griffin

Belayers for Exploring Children

Grandparent, are you manning the ropes for your kids? As you cheer their climb, are you also prepared for them to fall? Mountain climbing provides a great analogy for that stage of life when our kids begin to explore the world. From the grade-school years through to their twenties and beyond, we want to instill in them a healthy attitude about discovery-cautious, yet confident. Now, at first glance, scaling a huge rock may appear dangerous: a handful of people going up hard, unforgiving crags, connected only by ropes. However, under the guidance of a trained professional, the sport is...

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Asking Grandchildren Questions Is an Art

“How was school?” “Fine.” Surely there’s a way to have better conversations with our kids.  Do you want to pass your values on to your grandchildren? Do you want to talk about what’s truly important? One of those tricks is the ability to draw out your kids, to relate to them in a way that they want to share their thoughts and feelings and the happenings of the day. Some grandparents are naturals at this. And others have a way to go in this area. They ask their kids questions like, “Did you have a good time?” or “How...

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The Essentials of a Positive Legacy

Sam and his wife Linda are very concerned about the legacy they are leaving to their children and grandchildren. They have a lot to consider: a family business, a moderate amount of wealth, and even more important, values that they hold dear and have tried to instill in their family through the years. They want to discuss these matters openly as a family, but they’re afraid of causing tension or really upsetting someone. Last time they tried to discuss their “legacy,” they noticed some hints of anger in several family members. Their daughter and two sons have their own...

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When Granddad is Also Fill-In Father Figure

I love being a grandparent, and I know I am not alone in that. I have three grandchildren, and they are all special and unique. But my role for one of my grandkids is now different from the typical grandparent. Jordan is twelve, and for the first six years of his life, both of his parents were there with him pretty much every day. But then multiple changes occurred and his mom moved to Houston, where I live. His father lives in another state, and while he is still a father and continues to be a big part of...

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Grandparenting Today Facts

There’s an old Welsh proverb that says: “Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” Many of you know exactly what that means, because you’re living it out— boldly. Grandparenting narratives are unique and filled with richness. However, in many families the grandparenting role is challenging. There are grandparents raising grandchildren, long-distance grandparents, traditional grandparents, grandparents seeking access to their grandchildren after a divorce or family crisis, single grandparents, step-grandparents, surrogate grandparents and even spiritual grandparents. Every grandparenting story has its own opportunities. At the end of the day—or better yet, at the end of our lives—there’s...

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