Author: Brock Griffin

Grandparenting Today Facts

There’s an old Welsh proverb that says: “Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” Many of you know exactly what that means, because you’re living it out— boldly. Grandparenting narratives are unique and filled with richness. However, in many families the grandparenting role is challenging. There are grandparents raising grandchildren, long-distance grandparents, traditional grandparents, grandparents seeking access to their grandchildren after a divorce or family crisis, single grandparents, step-grandparents, surrogate grandparents and even spiritual grandparents. Every grandparenting story has its own opportunities. At the end of the day—or better yet, at the end of our lives—there’s...

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Hope for Estranged Grandparents

Brenda clutches a small picture frame in her hands—a 5×7 photo of three smiling grandkids, ages five, three, and nine months. This is one of those talking frames, where someone can record a message that plays at the push of a button. Brenda presses the button and hears something that’s all-too-familiar: two voices trying to speak in unison and one talking gibberish. After several hundred times listening to the message, Brenda knows very well what they’re saying: “Happy birthday, Gram! We miss you. We love you.” She can’t help but smile. But then she wipes a tear from one...

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Grandparenting Your Pre-Schooler: Learning and Growing

As a grandparent of an energetic, challenging pre-schooler, it may seem like your grandchild’s birth is ancient history now. But “birth” is also a metaphor for a thousand other events that occur throughout childhood. A few years ago, your grandchild was born into the world, but now he is born into the world of speaking and toilet training and learning and relating. Growth is rapid during these years. Your grandchild seems to have boundless energy and can’t get enough running, racing, wrestling, playing games, swinging, sliding, and on and on. Be prepared, because your grandchild will really test your stamina....

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A Grandparent’s Written Legacy

One question that gnaws at the gut of all grandparents is this, “How can I leave a legacy for my kids?” The written word is powerful. Certainly, it’s important to speak words of blessing and encouragement to our grandsons and granddaughters, but writing has the potential to last much longer since words can be saved and read over and over again. The written word has power to shape and encourage our grandchildren and build a lasting family legacy. Short notes, journal entries, letters and even e-mails can be great tools to keep in touch and affirm our grandchildren. Write...

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What Children Gain When You Respect their Parents and Other Grandparents

Do you ever feel like you are in a competition with your grandchildren’s parents or other grandparents for you their highest affections? Are you striving together with their parents and other grandparents as you progress toward a common goal, or are you struggling against them, and spinning in circles? Even if you are completely on a different page with these other adults in their lives, it’s hard to justify any reason to dwell on the differences between your perspective and theirs. Unless they are bent on destruction, its likely your goals for the grandchildren stem from the same love...

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