Author: Ken Canfield, PhD

Your School-Aged Grandchild: Exploring the World Together

Helping to raise young school-age kids is really an amazing time. Your grandchild is out to see what life has to offer, to understand the world and become a citizen of that world.   The most obvious change in his routine is going to school, but that’s only part of a larger process. Your grandchild is an eager learner. Whether it’s what type of sneaker is cool, why Susie is so popular, a move on the basketball court, or how to make change for a dollar, he wants to know.   When our grandkids are in this mode of...

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The Emotional Needs of Grandchildren

Don’t all grandchildren love playdough? Mine sure do. They love to roll it, shape it and mold it. They love the colors, the pliability and the texture of this clay-like substance. With a few lumps of playdough, you and your grandchild can create something of beauty which adds a spark to their imaginary world. It’s an inexpensive way to spend time with your grandchild, getting in tune with his world and producing a piece of art he can be proud of. There are ways in which your grandchild’s emotional development can be shaped like playdough. Taking time to notice,...

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Grandparents: An Untapped Resource

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter set aside the first Sunday after Labor Day to honor grandparents. The official proclamation made a convincing argument for this holiday: “Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near-past, to the events and beliefs and experiences that so strongly affect our lives and the world around us. Whether they are our own or surrogate grandparents who fill some of the gaps in our mobile society, our senior generation also provides our society a link to our national heritage and traditions.” According to a 2002 survey by the AARP, most grandparents (56%) see at least...

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Grandparents are Natural Transmitters of Values

What do you value in life? What shining virtues stand above time and progress? What personal qualities do you want your children and grandchildren to carry into future generations? Maybe you’ve given these kind of questions a lot of thought, or maybe not. But you should, because you can have a powerful influence on your grandchildren. This is your chance to make a difference in the next generation, to leave behind something of lasting value for those you love. This can be one of your grandest roles as a grandparent. Teach Them Grandparents have a special window into a...

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Grandparents and Expressiveness

The on the job training of the Parenting Life Course begins with the birth of your child. The last stage starts with another birth and a new, well-deserved title: grandparent. We call this stage Generativity. The rest of the world may try to retire you; but your grandchildren are ready to hire you on for one more stint in that rewarding career known as parenting. Life has become grand again, and much of the pleasure is wrapped up in those little ones who invade your home every so often. They put a spring in your step, a smile on your...

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