Author: Ken Canfield, PhD

What’s Your Granddaughter Feeling?

One evening, Drew’s granddaughter came home upset that her best friend had snubbed her, and she unloaded her frustration by yelling at her grandparent. Drew said, “It sounds like she’s not much of a friend.” Those words weren’t what his granddaughter wanted to hear. She bolted toward her room and slammed the door behind her. Does that sound like a common occurrence between grandparents and teenage granddaughters? It probably is. But Drew remembered some good advice he had heard when it comes to relating to granddaughters. It’s this: instead of thinking, “What’s the answer here?” ask yourself, “What’s she...

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Talking With a Teenage Grandson

So it’s time for you to sit down and have a face-to-face chat with your teenage grandson. Actually, there might be a better option. The public service announcements on television make it sound like the best approach is to just start a conversation about drugs or alcohol at the breakfast table. But most teenagers would just roll their eyes-and probably tune you out. Getting your teenage grandson to talk with you can be one of the greatest challenges of your fathering career, but it is doable. How do you bridge the gap? Let’s look at three suggestions. The first...

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How Grandparents Can Help Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders

Grandparents play a unique roll in their grandchildren’s education. We may or may not be the place of overseeing homework and day-to-day decisions about education. But we can all provide a supportive hand for our grandchildren by assisting them with homework, showing interest in the functions at their school, and helping to broaden their learning. REINFORCING SCHOOL LEARNING Research shows that students learn best when adults around them reinforce what’s being taught. Whether or not you have expertise in any of their academic subjects, there are always opportunities to ask questions about what they are learning and help them...

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Grandparents Leave a Lasting Legacy

Children thrive with loving and involved parents. And children also benefit from the wisdom and influence of other adults, over and above what their parents can supply. So, your grandkids will profit from the distinct advantages that you bring to their lives, which complement what your kids can give them. Your work isn’t done, grandparent. It’s just become more enjoyable. According to the Proverb, “Children’s children are the crown of old men.” Same is true for old women, too! Grandparents have a keen sense that they are leaving a legacy, and that can be very motivating and energizing. For...

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