Author: Ken Canfield, PhD

15 Memories Grandparents Create with Grandkids

Most of us grandparents want to share our lives with our grandkids. We want to let them know who we are and where they came from. Our family history and values can give them a sense of grounding in something stable and lasting and bigger than themselves. At Grandkids Matter, we have received hundreds of comments from adults about their grandparents, and they shared some fantastic stories and insights. I am sharing these this week as an encouragement and a challenge to you. What you do with your grandkids and the ways you invest in them will be remembered—so...

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2 Rules for Giving Advice to Our Grandkids’ Parents

As a grandparent, you can’t help but have desires and dreams for your grandkids. And if you’re anything like me, it’s tempting to get carried away and push your suggestions and opinions on their parents. But before trying to exert your influence, remember that every married couple needs to leave their parents and create a new, unique family of their own. That’s the best situation, and it’s just as important in single-parent situations. Being the mom or dad is their role and responsibility, and we need to acknowledge that and respect them, even when So, here are two important...

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Teach Your Grandkids with Proverbs and Maxims

“You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” “Many hands make light work.” “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.” “Pretty is as pretty does.” “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” “Take time to smell the roses.” “Trouble shared is a trouble halved.” Did you ever hear your grandparents say any of these? Or maybe your parents? Every family seems to have a collection of much-used sayings. My wife Dee and I undoubtedly made our children sick of a certain adage or two through the years. Some would consider statements these mere clichés, but if you drill down...

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Grandparents Are Examples of Dignity and Strength

As grandparents, we are likely the best examples of a “mature adult” that our grandchildren will see. Of course, maturity has its pros and cons. Barring some tragedy, we’ll become frailer through the years and pass on before our children and grandchildren do. And we are undoubtedly modeling more than how to cope with declining physical health. Anyone living this long will probably have to deal with relationship issues, emotional wounds, and possibly tough family situations. It’s likely our children and grandchildren notice not only how we cope with life’s physical challenges, but also how we deal with these...

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3 Ways to Be a Step Ahead of Your Grandkids

I’m a firm believer that we grandparents need to be thinking a step ahead of our grandchildren to help them be their best. What does it mean to think a step ahead? Three things are part of this: First, we need to be aware of some general things about kids as they grow up, so we can anticipate what’s ahead for them. For some, this will come natural from our years as parents. That knowledge about what kids typically go through as three-year-olds, grade-schoolers and teenagers—and the various challenges along the way—is very valuable as we seek to encourage...

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