Author: Ken Canfield, PhD

5 Qualities of a Grandparent’s Example

Children need positive, trustworthy, reliable role models. In today’s world, we cannot repeat that statement often enough. In many situations, parents provide the main example for their children. For a growing number of households, grandparents are playing that role. And really, in any situation where grandparents get to spend time with their grandkids—whether or not we are their main role models, and whether we see them daily or occasionally—our modeling influence is very important and can be just as powerful and long-lasting as that of parents. Most often, this happens through the patterns we establish consistently over time. Our...

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Ask Your Granddaughter Questions

Asking questions helps to solidify the bond with your granddaughter in a number of ways. First, it tells her that you value what’s going on in her life. Next, it gives you an opportunity to learn what’s on her heart and mind at any given moment. Her answers will also help you identify areas where she may be receptive to your input. Granddaughters appreciate daily review. They like to be asked questions like: “What happened at school today?” “How’s it going?” “Did everything go well with your friends today?” “Did any bad things happen today?” Daughters feel cared for...

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From Parent to Grandparent

Researcher Arthur Kornhaber says that there are three times when our lives are totally transformed by natural events that are pretty much out of our hands: when we’re born, when we die … and when we become grandparents. For many, grandparenting is one of the most joy-filled roles they have ever had. Tossing a ball with a grandchild, going for a walk, reading a book, putting a puzzle together-these simple things put the bounce back in a man’s step. What’s behind that joy? Well, being a parent is clearly different than being a grandparent; there’s more freedom and less daily responsibility....

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Granddaughters and Sports

Even before your grandchildren were born, you may have dreamed about your grandson as a star athlete. Well, you may have gotten it all wrong. Here’s something that some grandparents rarely consider. Granddaughters can be athletes, too! As a matter of fact, girls need to learn about teamwork, good sportsmanship and the thrill of victory just as much as boys. According to a recent article in the Kansas City Star, high school girls who play sports are significantly less likely to get pregnant or take drugs, and are more likely to get their diploma. Here are some specific ways...

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Read With Your Grandchildren

Read a good book lately-with your grandchildren? I have very fond memories of my grandparents reading to me. Here’s hoping that my grandchildren will be able to say the same. The rewards for both of you are immeasurable. I can think of five right off the bat. Reading brings you into close proximity to your young child. You can watch TV from opposite sides of the room. Not so with reading. You share the same book. You look at the pictures together. I believe that’s why God gave us laps. Reading encourages you to be interesting. If you read...

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