Author: Ken Canfield, PhD

3 Ways to Pray with and for your Grandkids

Do you talk about your prayer life with your grandkids? I think it’s a great idea. I’m not suggesting you tell them everything, but sharing some of your prayer life will help shape your grandchildren’s spiritual journey. And those can be some of the richest and most rewarding moments you experience as a grandparent.  Whether the prayers are written ones, prayers during holidays, at special events, or over the phone when your grands live far away, your prayers can bridge the distance and leave an inheritance more valuable than silver or gold. Beyond that, here are three suggestions that...

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The Comforting Presence of Grandparents

Maybe you are blessed to know this from your growing-up years, but a grandparent’s stable, consistent presence is a great source of comfort for our grandchildren. Rob and Mindy are grandparents. Their young-adult daughter Emma became pregnant before being married, and when the baby arrived, she moved back home to have some help. Rob and Mindy pitched in as much as they could while Emma found a job and tried to be fully responsible for her new son. Emma also continued the relationship with her son’s father, who came over to see Emma and the baby several times a...

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Ideas for Celebrating (GRAND) Father’s Day

With Father’s Day this weekend, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize and honor all the granddads who mean so much to their children and grandchildren. Recent figures from the U.S. Census Bureau tell us that, of the 72 million fathers in America, 29 million (more than 40 percent) are also grandfathers. That’s a significant number! Just under half of all fathers being honored this weekend are also grandfathers, and yet the role of grandfathering seems largely ignored in all the Father’s Day advertising and promotion. And maybe that’s OK with us seasoned dads. We have had our...

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15 Memories Grandparents Create with Grandkids

Most of us grandparents want to share our lives with our grandkids. We want to let them know who we are and where they came from. Our family history and values can give them a sense of grounding in something stable and lasting and bigger than themselves. At Grandkids Matter, we have received hundreds of comments from adults about their grandparents, and they shared some fantastic stories and insights. I am sharing these this week as an encouragement and a challenge to you. What you do with your grandkids and the ways you invest in them will be remembered—so...

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2 Rules for Giving Advice to Our Grandkids’ Parents

As a grandparent, you can’t help but have desires and dreams for your grandkids. And if you’re anything like me, it’s tempting to get carried away and push your suggestions and opinions on their parents. But before trying to exert your influence, remember that every married couple needs to leave their parents and create a new, unique family of their own. That’s the best situation, and it’s just as important in single-parent situations. Being the mom or dad is their role and responsibility, and we need to acknowledge that and respect them, even when So, here are two important...

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