Author: Ken Canfield, PhD

What Grandkids Matter Is All About

Here at Grandkids Matter, the tagline on our magazine and much of what we do is made up of four words that sum up our mission: “Connecting hearts, uniting generations.” Those words inspire me and remind me what I’m all about as a grandparent, and I suspect you share some of my perspective. So let me break it down a little bit: Connecting hearts is all about the magical and rewarding relationships we have with our grandchildren. It’s making regular investments in their lives, encouraging them, making them feel special, and enjoying them as much as we can. It’s...

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Grandkids Need You to Model a Strong & Lasting Marriage

For Valentine’s Day, have you enjoyed expressing your love to your grandkids with gifts and expressions of your love? Maybe you aren’t done, or maybe you still have plans … and that’s great. Soak it all in! While you’re doing that, I hope you realize that you’re probably doing something even more important that will help them in future relationships, simply through your modeling. Consider this statement from an adult woman: I learned from my grandparents that relationships require not just love, but also dedication, sacrifice, strength, devotion, and prayer. Married almost 67 years before passing, they taught me...

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9 Creative Ways to Connect with Grandchildren Using Skype or Facetime

Today’s technology gives us all kinds of opportunities to bond with our grandchildren. Do you ever Skype or Facetime with your grands? If so, you know it can be a fantastic way to stay in touch and catch up with them. On a phone or tablet, they can take your conversation wherever they want to go and show you details about where they are. And young grandkids might also set the phone down somewhere and walk away, leaving you stranded. That isn’t the best part, but getting to interact with them is definitely worth it. To make the most...

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