New from Dr. Ken Canfield and Grandkids Matter

The H.E.A.R.T. of Grandparenting

If you have grandchildren, you know full well that grandparenting is an experience that makes your heart soar. From the time you first lock eyes through the years that follow, making memories with your grandchildren brings wonder and delight beyond measure. But making memories is only the beginning of what’s in store for this blessed and unique time.

The H.E.A.R.T. of Grandparenting both celebrates and empowers grandparents for living their journey with success.  Through his research and personal wellsprings of knowledge, bestselling author and granddad of eleven, Dr. Ken Canfield, has succinctly summarized the five keys for being the best grandparent possible.  Regardless of miles that separate or the uniqueness of your grandparenting situation, you will be strengthened by the insights in this book.


Dr. Emerson & Sarah Eggerichs - Authors, Love & Respect

“This is your go-to book on grandparenting. It will inspire and encourage you in this vitally important role.”

Randy and Holly Phillips - Founding President, Promise Keepers

“The H.E.A.R.T. of Grandparenting is an incredible resource which will empower grandparents with the insight they need to pass on the lessons, both the good and difficult, to a new generation of beloved grandchildren. It just might be that the practical tools in this book will lead you to the greatest work you have yet to fulfill in your life, which is being a heart-filled grandparent.”

Nancy Stafford - Actress and star of the Matlock TV series

“As a grandmother, I am vitally concerned about the strength of our families and my role as a grandmother. It’s clear from Dr. Canfield’s research we have underestimated the influence which grandparents have in helping their grandchildren thrive. The H.E.A.R.T. of Grandparenting is an outstanding resource which will challenge us to excellence in our grandparenting years. I heartily endorse this book as one which gives us a fresh and new perspective.”

John Trent PhD. - Author of The Blessing

“My favorite teacher years ago told me, ‘If it doesn’t work at home – don’t export it!’ Ken Canfield is someone whose wisdom and heart-grabbing insights is what he’s done in his own home – and should be imported into your home and mine if you’re a grandparent! I’ve known Ken for years, met his family, seen his ministry to scores of fathers – and now grandfathers and grandmothers just like you. You can (and should) read a number of books on how to grandparent well and with Godly intent. But Dr. Canfield’s H.E.A.R.T model is where I’d start. This is a powerful, memorable, “doable” and brilliant book in it’s ‘I can do this’ format. Read this book!”
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