There’s a growing awareness of a grandfather’s importance in the life of his daughter. Both the academic world and the general population are recognizing that a grandfather’s influence goes beyond the “little girl” years into adulthood, and is an important complement to the vital role played by other family members.

A recent study from the University of Texas connected father involvement with less sexual activity among teenage girls. And by the way, grandfather, YOU have the opportunity to contribute to your granddaughter’s healthy identity in very significant ways too.

We’re doing everything we can to let grandfathers know how important they are to their granddaughters. When I talk with ladies of any age, they frequently share how they want to know and be known by their fathers and grandfathers. They are ready to move beyond any past disappointments and look to the future with hope.

All too often, women who are bright and successful in every way share in confidence a desire to have more of a relationship with significant men in their lives, such as grandfathers. Granddaughters need grandfathers to connect in an affirming way. If they know that we love them, believe in them, and are doing what we can to help them succeed, it will make a world of difference.


  • Have flowers delivered to your granddaughter “just because.”
  • Block off 2 hours on your calendar and invite your granddaughter to lunch, whether she’s two or twenty.
  • Ask your adult children or someone else close to your granddaughter how you could be a support to her during this time in her life.
  • Write your granddaughter a letter listing specifically what you appreciate about her. If she is very young, plan to present it to her on her 10th birthday.
  • Ask your granddaughter to tell you about her friends, or the young men in her life.