For some of us, being grandparents can be exhausting or overwhelming. Or maybe it’s an area where things often feel difficult or frustrating.

Can you identify?

It’s especially true if you’re raising your grandkids full-time, or possibly caring for them several days each week. Maybe you’ve thought, This isn’t what I envisioned for my grandparenting years.

Of course there are other challenges that might be standing in the way of really experiencing the joy and the rewards of grandparenthood. It could be a difficult relationship with your grandkids’ parents—your adult child and his or her spouse. Or maybe there are barriers related to the distance between you, or possibly health concerns that you or they are dealing with.

Without minimizing those challenges, let this be an encouragement to you:

Even in challenging situations, our grandkids can help to renew us and give purpose to our lives.

Something about relating to them helps to change our perspective on things that aren’t ideal. Maybe that’s part of the magic of that relationship. Maybe focusing on them can be a reminder about our top priorities and can enable us to keep fighting the good fight that’s before us.  

And since our grandkids matter so much, that means this is another role where we matter, too. Our experience, maturity, and understanding put us in a great place to lead, teach and encourage them than ever before. That adds another layer of purpose and motivation to whatever other roles we may play in life.

So let’s make sure we’re engaging with our grandkids as best we can given our situation. Let’s take initiative to encourage and bless, to have fun with them and learn more about them, to find new ways to connect with them and more positive activities to do with them.

Yes, as grandparents, we are important.

Despite the challenges, we’re playing a vital and strategic role in the family system.

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