A new friend named Eleanor responded to one of our recent Facebook posts, and her thoughts are definitely worth sharing here (with her permission). The question was,

“Do your grandkids wear you out? What’s the give-and-take for you between exhaustion and joy?”

Here’s what she wrote:

My little guy has Diabetes Type 1, and I can assure you that when his sugar count goes up, he’s full of energy that we must diminish by going for long walks, playing soccer, or anything that helps him burn sugar quickly. I’m 60, I believe I’m quite fit for my age and very energetic, but not enough to keep up with my five-year-old.

The joy is when he says, “Grandma, let’s play soccer,” or, “Let’s go on a nature hunt in the woods.” Better yet, he’s learned how to ride a mini motorbike. It’s a sort of mini lawnmower and it doesn’t always cooperate. I pull and pull, then finally the thing works. My left shoulder is not happy at all—it’s worn out. But to see my grandchild’s smile when the motorbike is ready to go, I totally forget about the aches and pains.

We play for hours on end: fake swords made out of peeled willow branches or hiding in the woods making believe there are monsters ready to attack us.

In the evening I have a hot shower and literally drop dead in my bed. But being with my grandchild and seeing his enthusiasm and joy makes me happy, and it keeps me young at heart. Everyone should have a little gal or boy to play with.

Grandparents can become whatever they want to be for the sake of their grandchildren.

Take advantage, play along and your health will benefit from it. Kids grow up so fast. Remember to make every minute count.

What have you “become” for the sake of your grandkids? Leave some thoughts and get more grandparent tips at our Facebook page.