There’s nothing quite like a grandchild’s special bond with Grandpa, Papa, Granddad, Opa, Gramps, Poppa, Big Daddy, Pop-Pop, Captain, Bigs, G-Pa, or whatever you’re called.

On Father’s Day, you deserve to be honored as a father, for sure, and especially as a grandfather. So we’ve collected some heartfelt comments from children who were asked to write about their fathers or father figures, and they chose to write about their granddads.

Here at Grandkids Matter, we can talk about the virtues and benefits of grandparents almost endlessly. But there’s something special when you hear it from a child. See if you agree:

What I want to do in the future is for my grandpa to walk me down my wedding aisle.
– Elena, 9

My neighborhood was destroyed by a tornado. Trees were knocked down everywhere and many homes were destroyed or had no electricity. My grandfather drove five hours to my house and came to the rescue when we were in so much need of help. We cleared the trees with his chainsaws and even helped other people who needed lots of assistance. When we were done he told me, “Andre, I’m so proud of you. You’re finally becoming a man! Putting others before yourself shows compassion, empathy and a strong will.” I hugged him and told him how thankful I was to have a grandfather like him. Best moment in my life, and that’s why he’s my role model.
– Andre, 17

I have a fantastic grandpa. He took my brother and me to stay with him. My grandpa is so thoughtful and caring because he chose to do this.
– Tyler, 8

Papa is the most honorable man I have ever met. True to his family and faith, he is always a pleasure to be around. To me, Papa means everything.
– Garrett, 14

My grandpa is a good man. He always helps people when they need help. He always teaches me how to fix things when they are broken. He taught me how to fish and hunt deer to provide food for our family. My grandpa says to always do my best, that it’s okay to make mistakes, and to be brave no matter what happens, and that it’s okay to cry.
– Austin, 7

Grandpas are just as good as a dad! Why is this, you may ask? Well, because my mother already broke him in! This isn’t his first time.
– Mady, 13

He taught me that men should contribute equally in a household. He helps my Grandma with all kinds of things. He does things like mopping the floor, doing the laundry and cooking meals. (He makes the best roast EVER!)
– Parker, 8

One time, Granddad took me to a father-daughter dance and taught me the twist!
– Elizabeth, 10

Grandpa was diagnosed with polio at age two, but is still close to God regardless of his trials. His polio left him with a bad leg, so growing up he could never play sports. When I am reminded of this and see that it never beat him, I am inspired to never give up in life. Grandpa has taught me lessons that I will always carry with me. He showed me how to be strong in times of great trial, how to rejoice in times of great happiness, and how to trust myself and God in every aspect of life. I will forever cherish the moments I have had with my beloved Grandpa.
– Gentry, 14

I think it would be great if my grandpa would retire so that we could travel to all kinds of exotic places over the world. That would be totally cool.
– Kyle, 8

I have great memories of taking naps with him when I was little and I would hug his belly and feel his heart beat. I loved the feeling of his hands over mine when he washed my hands before supper. I loved it when he gave me “Whisker Jobs,” and it would tickle my face and make me laugh.
– Daphne, 13

I like to take walks with him in the woods and talk to him. He knows a lot about things.
– Wyatt, 6

My grandpa is at all my sporting events because he is retired and has lots of time for me. He even stays to watch me cheer, and he stands and cheers along.
– Hailey, 14

Those are great tributes to great men. And you know what? Those grandfathers probably aren’t all that different from you!

So please be encouraged, granddads. The simple things you do for your grandkids make you a hero in their eyes. Like these kids wrote, it’s being at their events, dancing with them, teaching skills, sharing wisdom, living out your values, offering encouragement, and stepping up to help when needed. Even if it seems like your kids don’t notice what you do for them, they do. The simple things are making a difference.

Granddads, what simple ways are you investing in your grandkids? Share your ideas and see what else we’re up to at our Facebook page.