One of the key challenges (and opportunities) we face as grandparents is figuring out the best way to share our wisdom and our faith.

Grandparents, there are two words we all need to embrace when it comes to offering advice to our adult children. Here’s Dr. Ken making that point in a recent program he recorded for a church grandparent group:

Zip it!?

That may sound harsh, but it doesn’t sound so bad when we’re repeating it to ourselves. We can whisper it under our breath or just focus on it internally when we’re tempted to share our opinions or suggest a course of action to our grandkids’ parents.

We do have valuable insights and wisdom to share, but as a rule it’s best to zip it and keep praying and trust that God will provide opportunities when our children are open to hearing our thoughts.

Stay involved with your grandkids and make a difference where you can.

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