Thank you for joining the National Association for Grandparenting!

I am humbled that you have chosen to invest in this initiative, but I’m also excited because you are one of what we hope will become millions who help us create a movement in which grandparents and grandchildren can thrive and raise the awareness that grandkids matter.  We’re all about connecting hearts and uniting generations, and I am delighted that you’re on board.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to plug into what we are doing on FacebookTwitter (@GrandkidsMatter) and YouTube, and stay tuned for more opportunities to be part of this.  We welcome any feedback you may have.  And please take advantage of the benefits we have arranged for you through our partnership with the American Seniors Association.

Ken Canfield
Founder & President

FREE American Seniors Association MEMBERSHIP/BENEFITS

Your Grandkids Matter membership ALSO includes a FREE one-year membership to the American Seniors Association.  ASA offers a wide array of benefits including Medicare/insurance plans, restaurants, incredible travel benefits, hunting & fishing discounts, wireless plans, and even 9-1-1 smartphone software for tracking loved ones.  Use Promo Code/Offer Code “grandsmatter” to receive your free membership.  Join TODAY!

Benefits Include:

Insurance/Health & Wellness
ASA offers a variety of plans including dental, vision, Medicare supplement, cancer plans, long-term care plans, and much more.

Like to travel?  We can save you money on hotels, cruises, car rentals, hunting & fishing trips, golf, and even travel insurance.

Car Insurance, car loans, negotiate new car prices, and more.

Investment planning, credit cards, personal finance, home & auto insurance, and even help with disputing medical bills.

Protecting seniors is important to us. So, we’ve arranged special offers for security related products and services that target identity theft, personal security, and rapid emergency response systems.

Everything from grocery store coupons, wireless phone plans for seniors, technology, health-related devices, to truck rentals.

Select a free piece of jewelry from
(**Important note: write down your discount code, you’ll need it at checkout to get your necklace for FREE**)

We’ve developed a special partnership with to offer all our new members a piece of jewelry for their grandson or granddaughter.  Select one from below and you’ll be directed to to complete your order.  Enter the discount code “GKMFREE” to receive your free jewelry item.

Grandson, You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem and Smarter Than You Know – Necklace

Granddaughter, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think – Heart Necklace

The Love Between a Grandpa and Granddaughter is Forever – Necklace

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