Dear grandparent and friend of grandparents,

Thank you for coming to this page. It’s with your support that we can make a difference—by CONNECTING HEARTS AND UNITING GENERATIONS.

First, it’s an incredible privilege to be a grandparent. Personally, I recognize that my involvement as a grandparent is one of the most important investments I can make in my family, my community and the future of the next generation.

At the National Association for Grandparenting, we’re here for grandparents and grandchildren! We are committed to providing the best resources, proven strategies, and targeted benefits which will help grandparents succeed in their role. And for grandchildren, we are here to protect their innocence, encourage their candor and growth, and prepare them for a thriving future.

Our goals through this non-profit association are not only to begin a global conversation about the value of grandparenting, but more important, to create a movement where grandparents become more proactive and intentionally engaged in their grandchildren’s lives. Additionally, we encourage mature men and women to invest in the lives of other children who need to experience the generational power of grandparent love.kcanfield1

To accomplish this objective we need thousands of supporters, both small and large. In addition to the Association’s small membership fee, any support you can provide to make this vision a reality is greatly appreciated.

Ken Canfield, Ph.D.


Your support is greatly appreciated.

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