“Guess what, Grandma. Guess what!”

Many of us have heard that numerous times, and it’s always a welcome sound. If our grandkids are eager to see us and share something with us, it makes us feel special.

And of course, it goes both ways. We have earned that special connection with each grandchild by being available to them, showing interest in them, and listening patiently.

Haven’t we all been in that situation where a grandchild talks and talks about something unimportant? They could be talking about something that just happened, a new toy, something they saw at school or in their neighborhood, a random thought … it could be anything, really. They might be fascinated by something that has very little value or interest for us. And yet, we listen.

Because often the value is not so much in what is said, but in the saying of it.

Our grandkids have learned that we’re going to share their excitement because we’re excited about them. There is comfort and affirmation in the relationship. They know that, as grandparents, we can usually give them all the time and attention they want. We can listen to the longest and most detailed story without getting distracted.

It’s a great gift to our grandchildren that we’re uniquely equipped to give.

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