Your membership will help make a difference in the lives of your grandchildren and other grandparents!

Never before have so many grandparents and grandchildren co-existed. Strengthening the grandparent-grandchild bond enriches lives for generations.  We are dedicated to providing encouraging, empowering and inspirational content and tools for grandparents.

For $36 a year ($3 per month) you’ll partner with us to make a difference in the lives of your grandchildren.

You’ll receive our beautiful Grandkids Matter magazine and access to premium content on our site. You’ll also have access to discounts and benefits from the American Seniors Association that include health, dental, and vision coverage, unique travel benefits, and discounts on products, services, and events – a partnership that could save you thousands!

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$36 Yearly Grandkids Matter Membership + Free Discount Benefits

What does your Grandkids Matter membership include?

One-Year Subscription to Grandkids Matter Magazine

(Membership Value: $36) Grandkids Matter is the premier magazine for grandparenting, filled with articles, tips and ideas from leading authorities on families and grandparenting.  PLUS a free monthly newsletter from Dr. Ken Canfield.

Free One-Year Membership to The American Seniors Association

(Membership value: $15, Average Annual Discounts: $200+) Your free membership includes discounts on medicare/insurance plans, restaurants, incredible travel benefits, hunting & fishing discounts, wireless plans, discount programs and more.

What others are saying about Grandkids Matter

A wonderful magazine full of insights on grandparenting.  Every grandparent should join this association!

Tom Eddy

Grandfather of 13

One of the best magazines for helping grandparents connect with their grandchildren.

Betty Rae Wallace

Grandmother of 17

Grandkids Matter has given me invaluable resources and encouragement to be an intentional grandfather.

Roy Harrison

Grandfather of 1

A special message from Dr. Ken Canfield, Founder/President of Grandkids Matter

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$36 Yearly Grandkids Matter Membership

Join by mail.  Send a check to:

GrandKids Matter P.O. Box 2865 Olathe, Kansas 66063

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