When I think about my role as a grandparent, there’s a word picture I keep coming back to: My grandchildren are missionaries that my wife and I will send to a world we may never see.

That could become true literally if they are called to reach and help people in some faraway place. But it’s true for all our grandkids in some sense.

Thinking about it another way, our world is in great need of leadership. Are your grandchildren future leaders? I hope you view them that way, even if right now they’re spitting up on their clothes or throwing tantrums all the time.

They will influence people around them wherever they are, in a future we can barely imagine. Our grandkids might grow up to run companies or charities, lead national movements or local youth groups, maybe hold public office … we just never know.

And through all these dreams and visions of the future, we all have to believe that the effective leaders of tomorrow can be greatly influenced by grandparents who are gently leading and encouraging them to be strong, confident, humble leaders. We hope they represent their heritage of integrity, faith and family strength to a world that will surely need it.

That means I need to make the most of my fleeting moments with my grandkids, being intentional and purposeful in how I try to encourage them and help to shape their character.

How about you? What are your dreams for your grandkids’ future? How are you investing in their lives today? Share your thoughts and join the discussion on our Facebook page.