Grandparents, if you’re reading a blog on grandparenting then you probably don’t need to hear this, but I want to put it out there anyway, in case you’ve forgotten:

There are very good reasons for you to be involved in the lives of your grandkids.

Although we can find examples where the grandparent-grandchild relationship does not bring about positive outcomes, in the vast majority of cases, if a grandchild has an engaged, caring, and supportive grandparent, it’s a win-win. When you observe grandmothers and grandfathers interacting with their grandchildren—listening, learning, and growing in love and respect for one another—it’s obvious. You can sense the power of this generational synergy.

So enjoy it!

As grandparents, this is a time of life when we may feel like time is running out or our best years are behind us. But I believe this time is ours.

Many of us probably have more time now and more opportunities to invest in our grandchildren than ever before. We are living longer, we’re generally healthier, and we’re able to be involved in ways our grandparents were not.

The question is: How are we investing these precious moments to make a difference in our grandchildren’s lives? I hope you, like me, are trying to make the most of every day and every opportunity.

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