Author: Steve Stiffler

Facts About Grandparents’ Day

We celebrate Grandparents’ Day each September on the first Sunday after Labor Day, usually the second Sunday of the month.  The origins of this national U.S. holiday start in 1969 with an unsuccessful attempt by a 9-year-old boy who wrote a letter to President Nixon. From there, most of the credit goes to Marian McQuade, from West Virginia, who was a champion for the value of grandparents and older adults, and who had plenty of experience as a grandmother. When she passed away in 2008, she had 15 children, 43 grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.  Back in...

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Remember Grandparents Day

People celebrate mothers in May and fathers in June but few people celebrate Grandparents Day. It’s time to prepare something special. A meal together or a phone call to say thanks or appreciate you because.  Grandparents are powerful influences in a child’s...

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3 Ways to Create “Quality Time” with Your Grandkids

In most relationships, you can’t make up for lost time. You see this with parents who were absent or made big mistakes. They feel guilty and want to make things right, so they overdo it with wild extravaganzas for their kids. It’s similar with some grandparents. Maybe you’ve made mistakes as a parent, and you’re trying to be a better grandparent. Or you don’t see your grandkids very often, and you want to make sure they like you and feel special. Too often, that leads to going overboard and spoiling them like crazy. Maybe you take them on vacations...

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