Author: Steve Stiffler

Grandparenting with HEART in the New Year

Did you make grandparenting resolutions for the new year? It makes sense if we want to do our best in that role.  To give you some ideas, today I’m giving you five action points to consider using the basic outline from my book, The HEART of Grandparenting. If you weren’t aware, “HEART” is an acronym:  The H stands for Heritage. How can you pass some of your heritage on to your grandkids in the next twelve months? One idea is to simply tell stories. Think of an experience that helped to shape who you are, spend a few minutes...

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Grandparents and Health: Be Your Best So You Can Give Your Best

This week I have an encouragement and an announcement that I’m very excited about. The encouragement is about your health. Being a grandparent is an incredible privilege, but often this stage of life brings added health concerns to deal with. At Grandkids Matter, we’re all about connecting generations; grandkids are better off when they have grandparents in their lives, and so the older generation needs the health and energy to keep up with the younger generation.  We often talk about the benefits that grandparents bring to our grandkids: we transmit wisdom, provide a link to the past, act as...

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4 Storytelling Tips for Grandparents

I believe grandparents are natural storytellers, and our stories have a bigger purpose than simply entertaining the grandkids. Many of our stories can help them grow in discernment and will likely become part of the legacy we’re building of family history and life-giving wisdom. Maybe even better, your stories can add extra meaning and significance to your time with your grandchildren.  As the default family historian, you are the keeper of the family stories, the one responsible for making sure they get passed down to future generations. The stories may be about our parents and grandparents or from our...

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Facts About Grandparents’ Day

We celebrate Grandparents’ Day each September on the first Sunday after Labor Day, usually the second Sunday of the month.  The origins of this national U.S. holiday start in 1969 with an unsuccessful attempt by a 9-year-old boy who wrote a letter to President Nixon. From there, most of the credit goes to Marian McQuade, from West Virginia, who was a champion for the value of grandparents and older adults, and who had plenty of experience as a grandmother. When she passed away in 2008, she had 15 children, 43 grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.  Back in...

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Remember Grandparents Day

People celebrate mothers in May and fathers in June but few people celebrate Grandparents Day. It’s time to prepare something special. A meal together or a phone call to say thanks or appreciate you because.  Grandparents are powerful influences in a child’s...

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