Author: Steve Stiffler

3 Ways to Create “Quality Time” with Your Grandkids

In most relationships, you can’t make up for lost time. You see this with parents who were absent or made big mistakes. They feel guilty and want to make things right, so they overdo it with wild extravaganzas for their kids. It’s similar with some grandparents. Maybe you’ve made mistakes as a parent, and you’re trying to be a better grandparent. Or you don’t see your grandkids very often, and you want to make sure they like you and feel special. Too often, that leads to going overboard and spoiling them like crazy. Maybe you take them on vacations...

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3 Things for Grandparents to Celebrate on Valentine’s Day

As a grandparent, you have a special bond with your grandchild that’s unique in significant ways. And Valentine’s Day provides a fantastic opportunity to celebrate it—although we shouldn’t limit ourselves to that day. How can we describe this relationship? Here are just a few thoughts: First, there’s a lot of joy. You feel it in the robust burst of life that surges in your body when you see or touch your grandchild or hear his or her voice. Sometimes even thinking about him or her can bring it on. Being a connected grandparent is life-enhancing. This isn’t to say...

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5 Grandparenting Goals for the New Year

Do you set resolutions each New Year? Or do you regularly come up with goals in certain areas of your life? It’s been well-established that goal-oriented people are more likely to achieve the good things they set out to do. And there’s some wisdom there for grandparents. If our grandkids are important to us, then doesn’t it make sense that clearly-defined goals can help us better love and encourage them? As a way of getting more specific, maybe it will help to think about your grandparenting using the five principles from my research, which use the letters of HEART....

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4 Ways Grandparents Can be Good Mentors

I’m a grandchild. I’m a lot like your grandchildren, in fact, except more grown up. Then again, I’m probably not quite like your grandchildren because the type of childhood I had hardly seems to exist anymore. My childhood memories are peppered with times in my Gramma’s kitchen. Gramma’s parents immigrated from Poland, meaning Polish was her first language. By the time I was standing in her kitchen rolling pierogies and making borscht, though, she only remembered a few phrases and songs. Technically I may be only a quarter Polish, but that didn’t stop me from connecting deeply with my...

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