Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to pause and count our blessings. You probably agree that this is something we could and probably should be doing much more often—like every day or multiple times every day.

So this week’s message is simply a brief reminder of the privilege we have to be grandparents. And maybe nothing captures the heart of grandparenting better than this proverb from the Bible:

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged.”

Being a grandparent is a great blessing for us at this time of life—like a crown we earn after many years of faithful service. And not everyone has this privilege, but those of us who do must not take it for granted. Our grandkids are blessings that bring joy and opportunities to invest in the future.

Do you have that in mind as you relate to your grandkids? Here are two simple, practical suggestions for this week:

1 – Think about each of your grandkids and jot down some specific things you can be thankful for in each of them. What do you see and admire in them? What brings you joy? What do you imagine for their future?

2 – Then, verbalize those things to your grandkids. Tell each grandchild why you’re thankful for him or her. Make it a short blessing you give to them as you’re preparing food or playing outside with them, or do it over video chat if you can’t be together in person.  

Enjoy the turkey and all the trimmings, the football or family games or whatever your traditions might be. But make sure you also give thanks for all the mouths that eat the turkey and the joyful faces that you may see wherever you are this Thanksgiving.

What are you most thankful for as a grandparent? How do you express that to your grandkids? Share your insights and encourage others on our Facebook page.