Author: Brock Griffin

5 Ways to Help Out With a New Grandbaby

NANA’S HOUSE by Teresa Bell Kindred   Most moms love having help when they bring home a new baby, but they don’t want someone coming in and taking over. Here are some things you can do for the new parents without being pushy or overstepping boundaries. Grandbaby on the Way No matter how close you are to your daughter or daughter-in-law, it’s always best to ask their opinion. What may seem like a great idea to you may not be something they want or need. Before trying any of the suggestions below, talk to the new or prospective parents....

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We Can’t Have It Both Ways: Grandkids & the Halftime Show

by Teresa Bell Kindred My oldest granddaughter is 14 and very into pop culture. She spent the weekend at my house and wanted to make sure she got home in time to watch the Super Bowl with her parents and siblings. She wasn’t interested in the football game, just the halftime show. And since she wanted to watch, I made it a point to watch it too. I wasn’t surprised to see scantily clad women singing and dancing (even though I didn’t approve), but the performance itself was shocking. I have never seen so much gyrating, booty-shaking, body-grabbing, pole-dancing...

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