Several days after Christmas, any store that sells greeting cards or candy moves on to the next holiday, because there’s always one just around the corner. That might make you feel overwhelmed by the commercialism that’s everywhere in today’s world, but this time it’s Valentine’s Day, which is a great holiday for grandparents and grandchildren.

Compared to Christmas, expectations are lower. No one is making up gift lists, so there’s much less pressure to buy our grandkids just the right item. Whatever we do to bless them and celebrate our love for them will be greatly appreciated.

So maybe this is an opportunity to be unique and creative. What does your love for your grandchild prompt you to do? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Make something. If you think ahead, you should have time to put your skills to work and craft something special. Sewing, woodworking, cooking … the possibilities are endless. Just make sure it will be appealing to your grandchild.

Give time. Most of the stuff we buy as gifts will be worn out or obsolete in a few years, but making a memory with your grandchild can last a lifetime. So consider a gift of an activity you do together. It could be tickets to a ballet performance or a basketball game, an afternoon at an archery range or shopping center, or simply lunch at a special restaurant.

Pass on an heirloom. Maybe there are special items that you’d like to hand down to your grandchildren: a pendant, watch, coin collection, quilt, medals, a piece of clothing, or whatever. Valentine’s Day may be the right occasion to give that as a gift. Just make sure there’s an opportunity to tell the story behind that treasured memento.

Have something delivered: flowers, candy, a pizza, chocolate-covered berries, and on and on.

Find the right gift. Okay, gifts you buy from a store or online aren’t all bad. They can create more meaningful connections and make your grandchild feel loved. And that’s what this holiday is all about, right? My only suggestion is: keep it pretty small and simple. Instead of pulling out the credit card and getting five things that they might want, get something that shows you put some real thought into what would make them feel special.

Please share your ideas. What creative things have you done to affirm your grandchildren in the past on Valentine’s Day? Please join the conversation on our Facebook page.