by Dr. Ken Canfield


It’s been incredible to see the ideas grandparents are leaving on our Facebook page about how they’re making their grandkids feel special on Valentine’s Day—and many of them are annual traditions. Grandparents are putting together special treats and gifts, sending them in the mail if necessary. They are baking with the grandkids, having them over for the day or overnight (often while the parents are getting away together), or possibly making it a multi-day celebration with gifts, treats, activities and special time together.

Sure, we often associate this “holiday” with romantic love, and some would say it’s a silly event created by candy, flower and greeting card companies to provide a reliable bump in sales. Besides all that, this is a day that’s practically made for grandparents and grandchildren. It’s a great excuse to “spoil” them—as if you needed a reason.

Even better, this is an opportunity to share from your heart about your love for them, speaking blessings, prayers and affirmations of your grandchildren for their character, their gifts, and their future. Write it on a card or find an opportunity to tell them in person, even if it’s over the phone or via Skype or Facetime. The actual Valentine’s Day gifts are fun, but they’re secondary to the relationship-building opportunities you can create.

What creative ideas do you have for expressing love to your grandkids on Valentine’s Day? Please share an idea or two on our Facebook page.