NANA’S HOUSE by Teresa Bell Kindred

Dear Grandchildren,

Since I wrote to you a few weeks ago it feels as if the world has gone crazy. Perhaps one day you will read in your history books about COVID-19 and how this virus began in China and came all around the world.

The people it hits the hardest are the elderly who have underlying health issues, like asthma or other lung related illnesses. For most people who get it, it’s not very different from having the flu, but it’s caused panic in the stock market and has people stocking up on toilet paper and canned goods. I dare say there isn’t a Walmart with a roll of toilet paper left in the entire country.

This kind of thing happened many years ago. Sometime around 1915 there was a terrible flu outbreak. Back then there were no medicines or treatments that were effective. Your great-great-great-grandmother (Gertie Lee Neville Shirley) contracted the flu and died. She left behind 3 little girls. One of those little girls was my Grandma Layne. I always thought it was so sad that she and her sisters grew up without a mother. I’m telling you this because history often repeats itself and it helps to know that every generation faces challenges.

Another thing I want you to know, my sweet grandchildren, is this: God is in control. He was in control before this pandemic hit and He will be in control long after it has gone away.

Do I feel panic? Absolutely not.

Am I concerned? Of course I am. I have friends with chronic lung conditions and I’m praying for all the people who have the disease or may have it, but ultimately … God is in control.

When you grow up the world will most certainly still have times of crisis. As long as mankind exists that will be true, but you don’t have to worry or be afraid. That’s why your parents and grandparents take you to church, say your prayers with you, and read the Bible to you. Faith, during times of calm and crisis, is an anchor for our souls to Jesus.

Remember that and you will be okay … even when the world goes crazy.

I love you dearly grand-sweeties.

Oh, and wash your hands with soap and water. That’s important, too.


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Teresa Kindred is a freelance writer, former teacher, and author of several books, including The Faith-Filled Grandmother (2019). She’s the mom of five grown children and “Nana” to six precious grandchildren. She and her husband live in Kentucky. Her blog for grandparents is at