What a privilege it is to celebrate moms this time of year. (It’s something we really should be doing all year ‘round.)

So here’s a simple tribute and reminder for all grandmothers on Mother’s Day:

Thank you for all you do.

Your selfless dedication and service are noticed and appreciated by your children and grandchildren. They see it when you cheerfully watch the grandkids when needed, give hugs, read stories, make meals, send encouraging texts, show up at their games and events, tell stories, teach skills, and on and on.

So never forget how important your role is.

You may not always feel appreciated, but make no mistake: you are making a difference. When your grandkids get older and look back on their childhood, you will be remembered as a shining ray of love and encouragement.

That should be great motivation to keep doing your best. You might be facing some difficult issues with your adult child or grandchild, struggling with a health concern, or you may live thousands of miles from your grandkids. Please don’t give up. Find ways to connect with them in whatever ways are available to you.

And know that you have our gratitude here at Grandkids Matter. Because when children have positive relationships with their grandparents, the world is a better place.

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